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Welcome to Arjay Consulting, a division of Arjay Enterprises. Feel free to contact us for more information or quotes. Arjay Consulting has accepted consulting contracts in the following areas:

  • evaluation of Modula-2 code,
  • evaluation of courses and/or curriculum*,
  • board membership,
  • school or departmental accreditation (internal or external process),
  • preparation/editing of technical manuscripts,
  • small scale web page design and hosting,
  • editing of some fiction manuscripts (SF, Christian, general fiction),
  • software/hardware testing and reviews (Macintosh and Linux only),
  • technical evaluations and articles,
  • product marketability/prospects for hi-tech products.

* for mathematics, computing science, or science departments at grade school, college or university level

In addition, Rick Sutcliffe takes pulpit supply assignments (preaching or expository) and is a conference speaker on a variety of hi-tech topics, including eBooks, the Fourth Civilization, the Metalibrary, or topics of interest specifically to Christians. eMail for information. He has also served on and/or consulted with many boards of directors, including being a member of that ofCIRA, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority in charge of the .ca domain registry. He has assembled some thoughts on board governance here.

NOTE: Client lists are strictly confidential. The exact nature and scope of previous contracts will never be divulged to any third party. If this means missing out on a lucrative contract, so be it. There's lots more.

We are NOT interested in:

  • evaluation of C++, Java, VB, or scripting code,
  • porn, erotica of any kind, romance, paranormal, vampire, or new age fiction,
  • large scale projects requiring several people or months,
  • general non-fiction MS other than in mathematics computing science, ethics, or education,
  • anything specifically related to the Wintel platform.

RATES: These are quoted on a case-by-case basis, but

  • For organizations Arjay Enterprises is already active in building or promoting, or for pulpit supply, the fee may be waived or paid in hotel/transportation/meal costs. Others should enquire for a quote.
  • Commercial code evaluation contracts, software or hardware tests, and all government projects (such as accreditation) are very costly in time and resources and will be undertaken by us only provided they are inherently interesting. (Occasional charity rates may apply.)
  • Domain registration may be found at WebNameSource.
  • Web hosting starting at $40/year may be found at WebNameHost.
  • Editing of MS may be undertaken on a per page basis, or as a quid quo pro (barter)

Arjay Consulting turns down most proposals, and does not refer. We may consider system installation and configuration problems, but only locally and only for MacOS systems. Feel free to ask, however. You never know what will strike the fancy.

Last updated 2021 12 06
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